Aspen Leaves

I did one of my favorite things a few weeks ago. I went up to the mountains to look at the aspen leaves that have changed to yellow. It’s a big event for us here in Colorado and I have always relished the beauty that fall brings here. Now this year we had a cranky … Continue reading Aspen Leaves

Day 5 as a Mother

I have really dreaded being a mother. To have a little being that I’m responsible for, that needs ME all day long. It made all of my selfishness shine. But here I am. Day 5 of it, and it’s not even like I made a choice. I just became what I am. My sweet baby … Continue reading Day 5 as a Mother


I have had such a hard time wrestling with the thoughts and feelings of the state of things. I want to help, I want to speak, but I have never felt my voice is one to be heard. I am a person of mixed color and culture. I am half white and half Polynesian, but … Continue reading Reflecting

New Year’s Resolution

I’ve always felt like the start of the New Year was a very arbitrary time to start new habits, kick old ones, lose weight, etc. I also never feel like mid-winter is the best time to try and motivate yourself. I usually use my birthday as my “new year” to have some new goals. I … Continue reading New Year’s Resolution

Hellos and Goodbyes

Being pregnant is such a hard time of transition. I wasn’t planning on having a baby and I think that adds to the complexity of this time. I’m in my sixth month now and I think I have moved through all of the emotions you possibly could. It’s hard to let go of things when … Continue reading Hellos and Goodbyes

Good Friday in 2020

This year Good Friday feels especially heavy. I am a huge advocate for a good cry; for letting myself feel as fully as I can. I think emotion gives the world color and makes lightness lighter and darkness darker. Good Friday usually get lumped into the named-but-uncelebrated days of Holy Week. I don’t have any … Continue reading Good Friday in 2020

Dozens of Us?

Years ago, I dreamed of this blog with my best friend and we work shopped different names. Dozens of Us stuck. It comes from the show Arrested Development and the hilarious Tobias Funke. He is a never-nude (which isn’t a real thing). But in his declaration of his condition of being one, he chants ,”There … Continue reading Dozens of Us?

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