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Aspen Leaves

I did one of my favorite things a few weeks ago. I went up to the mountains to look at the aspen leaves that have changed to yellow. It’s a big event for us here in Colorado and I have always relished the beauty that fall brings here. Now this year we had a cranky … Continue reading Aspen Leaves

Day 5 as a Mother

I have really dreaded being a mother. To have a little being that I’m responsible for, that needs ME all day long. It made all of my selfishness shine. But here I am. Day 5 of it, and it’s not even like I made a choice. I just became what I am. My sweet baby … Continue reading Day 5 as a Mother


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About Me

Hi, I’m Lydia. I started this blog in the midst of the pandemic to help navigate my journey through pregnancy, motherhood and my relationship with others and God. I spend most of my time laughing with my husband, baby daughter and dog. I’m happy you’re here 🙂

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